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28201 W Diehl Rd, Warrenville, Illinois, United States
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Esme Arechiga
in the last week
I wrote a review Literally not that along ago (seems like it got DELETED since) explaining that an EMPLOYEE made my partner & I feel very uncomfortable because she was staring at us as if we were stealing by the garden section when in reality my partner was explaining a gardening products to me. She said hello very happily & I smiled through my mask & continue with the conversation. When I looked up at my partner, he had a concerned face, so I looked up at what he was looking at. It was the employee glaring at us down with such a mean face, not to mention her name is KRISTEN. Like I said in my previous review, not the first time I get looks as if I’m stealing something but never have i been stared down at until she disappeared from the corner & still had the decency to look back.