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Tibbetts Brook Park

355 Midland Ave, Yonkers, New York, United States
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Anaph_Digital Productions
8 months ago
Tap on my profile pic or name and then select the all new "Follow" button to easily track my new posts. Regarding the furnace pic; don't worry, folks. The furnace pic was embellished in a photo editing program. The fire is not real. This is an average-sized, but beautiful county park for families or individuals; for walking, running, cycling, sporting events, observing nature or just plain ol' relaxing. There are two large fields; one at the main entrance and the other at the southern end. There's also a water park at the main entrance. At northern end, there's a very nicely maintained, enclosed soccer/lacrosse field; that is utilized by schools, on a regular basis. A mini golf area is positioned next to water park; and a playground for the children. Please don't forget to hit the "Like" button below, before you leave. Thanks At the end of the first body of water, there's a quaint waterfall, flowing under a foot bridge. It's really gorgeous, with a rustic feel about it. The waters are teeming with life. If you are fortunate, you might even witness a hawk swooping down on an unwary carp; and swiftly flying it to the upper limbs of a tree to feast. Perhaps you are fascinated by the hunting technique of the egrets or the occasional cormorant among the Canada geese and mallards. Or, you may relish the idea of watching the white swans, gracefully traversing the waters. Ample parking space is provided for all. There's also a county police station at the water park, for the patrons. The display of arboreal colors during the autumnal season is spectacular! During the snowfall days of winter, the slope off the main field is used for sledding and tubing. This review was written to be helpful to you, the patron/consumer; and, to also bring relevant information to the attention of the business in focus. If you found this review to be helpful and or relevant, please help me by selecting the "Like" icon below. Also, don't forget to tap on my profile pic or name and then select the all new "Follow" button to easily track my new posts. Thank you, for your support!