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Trader Joe's

1198 Irvine Blvd, North Tustin, California, United States of America
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Michael DiGiovanni
a year ago
Same as every other TJs. AWESOME!!! I just moved to the and hadn't unpacked my silverware. I asked at the tasting station if I could take a couple of forks. They kindly said of course and then let me know they had wrapped packs with spoons up front. I forgot by the time I paid and as I was walking out the woman from the tasting station walked over to me with the box of cutlery. To this day TJs is one of my favorite stores, not just grocery stores, all stores. They know great culture at every location I have every been to and while I can't count the number of stores I've been to I can tell you I have been to stores in 5 states and over a dozen cities and they always impress.