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Alum Rock Hair & Nails

2904 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, United States
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3 months ago
Another update: I was asked to pay $40 for the product used on my hair...and receive the rest in a credit to the salon. I accepted this while trying to be nice during these hard times. I received a text from Donna asking me to remove my yelp review after all of this.... I have been the most understanding during this horrible experience and willing to give this place a second chance. But now I'm not. We've been back in forth, I've called them over 5 times to fix this and still left with no solution and no call/text back. I won't ever come back here. Update: was offered 5 days to fix it or free. I do not want the people ever to touch my hair again after this experience. I expected to receive a full refund but Donna said she needed to confirm with another person before. I hope they look at my hair and realize not only was my time wasted but this does not deserve even a penny for the awful work done to my hair. Very upset with my hair. The employees are nice but they do not listen to what you want and the outcome of this experience was damaging to my hair but also my pocket. $200 for this I asked for my hair to be blended and toned not anymore bleach and when I thought the lady couldn't understand me I reconfirmed with the other one that she heard me correctly. I had bleach sitting on my hair for over an hour and they told me another hour. I said no I don't want to have my hair lightened just toned, they took it off and toned the hair. I liked the ashy color in the salon but I saw all of these harsh lines it doesn't look good at any way I part my hair and my bangs have this odd harsh line in it. I'm just so frustrated that I spend 5+ hours and over 200 for them to tell me my hair looks good. I said it's OK and I don't like it at first but they kept saying it looks good. The hair cut the guy was very nice, they have great customer service but I asked for NO LAYERS 3x I told him and he kept saying you need layers for volume and convincing me to get LAYERS... I'm going to have to book another appointment and pay the same to fix this. I feel bad because the employees are nice but honestly look at my hair do you think this is a job well done?