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Wayland Middle School

201 Main St, Wayland, Massachusetts, United States
Review summary
6 years ago
I am an eighth grader in this school, I also made a cringe-worthy comment two years ago but whatever, I excuse myself. I would rate this school an 11/10, especially for a public school. In sixth grade I fell upon hard times. The guidance counselor and the special education team actually cared about me and helped me with my emotional/behavioral problems (and still do). Even if you're not in "Special Ed (really dislike those two words)" the teachers care about you and will help you succeed, no matter what. The curriculum is really engaging and almost all teachers are warm and friendly. Another fantastic thing about this school are the things they do to make the school feel like a community with morning TAG Groups, house blocks, FLEX, fieldtrips and school clubs. Another thing is that they give you a lot of free-time and classes where you can express yourself and be an individual such as: Applied Science, where you can build and decorate wood structures, Music, where you can express yourself with the wonder that is sound, Drama, where you get to have the spotlight and express yourself emotionally (you can do that in the guidance counselors room too) and Art, which is one of the most expressive and imaginative class. In conclusion, everyone who goes to this school is incredibly lucky to go to such a place for free. I am glad to have had three years in such an amazing building that I am happy to call my school. .