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Webb School of Knoxville

9800 Webb School Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America
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Henry Swaffield
7 years ago
It was Phenomenal, and I'm not saying that just because I went there. There was a real sense of community, and my teachers truly were great (5 out of the 6 teachers I had senior year had PhD, not that was why they were great, its simply a tangible metric of general quality). All my teachers really knew their stuff and truly inspired great interest in their respective subjects, and I really mean that with the greatest sincerity. It was rigorous and combined with the sports I did there at times I was extremely busy, but it was wonderful. I'm now at a top liberal arts college, and I can honestly say it taught me how to learn, and how to handle myself in and out of the classroom. There is an Honor Code, which means people can't lie, cheat, or steal and regardless of how idealistic it may sound, it does make for a community with great trust. This makes for an atmosphere lacking in cynicism, and is very important to the general vibe of the campus (one which is beautiful by the way). Whether in sports, clubs, performing arts, etc... webb offered me a vast array of opportunities which every child can take advantage of. I loved running cross country and playing soccer, as well as playing in the school band. Some individuals seem to enjoy bashing it, but odds are it was because of a reason unrelated to the education or school experience, or perhaps out of spite for how wonderful it is. Simply put, the sense of community at Webb is beyond anything I have seen at the others schools I attended. That includes teachers, who were truly inspiring and very fun people to be around. This review is getting rather long, so I must close, by saying this school truly is special, I grew immensely as a person, in a variety of areas.