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Hampton Inn & Suites

1791 Sycamore Ave, Kingman, Arizona, United States
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Melissa Henderson
in the last week
This hotel within this category of hotel’s was in need of some loving care. It was not as clean as industry standards indicate. There is some deception happening with the signage inside regarding the breakfast status. (I am aware that the information for COVID modifications are supposed to be listed on Hilton Website. As many are aware, it is very difficult to find.) The sign at the front desk reads “That breakfast to go boxes are available”. What they don’t want you to know is that there is NOT hot breakfast available for anyone. In addition, if you decide to get the boxed cold breakfast with vending style bagel and very small yogurt you will only have the option of coffee or tea. Not all people can drink those beverages. It would have been nice to be able to get a small bottled water or juice. It is disappointing that the owners of this particular franchise have made these cost cutting decisions. Many other Hilton’s across the country have reinstated their hot breakfasts. It is really up to each individual owner to make these decisions. I am pretty sure it was only for the balance sheet bottom line and not pandemic safety measures, as employees are not required to wear face coverings. I know this to be true because the night desk employee, who attended to our room condition the previous night, was not wearing one. My hope is that the owner/management will change the sign at the front desk to indicated to it’s patron’s the correct information about the current breakfast policies. Again, for those considering this location be aware that your stay may be filled with some disappointments