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Redwood Health Center - University of Utah Health

1525 W 2100 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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Rob Roy
3 weeks ago
Same doctor here misdiagnosed my wife twice for a serious health issue back in 2014 for allergies. Wife caught "Mono" back in 2012 and it was taking her unusually long to get better. It started out as chronic fatigue and this was killing her that she could not keep up on her fitness activities. We went to the X-Men Days of Future Past on opening day May, 2014. On the way in she started to shiver uncontrollably. This was very concerning so we took her to the Redwood clinic and was told, "Oh, its just allergies", and he prescribed her Allegra! She didn't get better and after seeing three doctors (Same one here twice). The second doctor we saw didn't want to go against the first doctors diagnosis so he was no help. We went back to the first doctor and told him that something was still wrong but was ignored and given a second prescription for Allegra on our final visit there. We were upset about being ignored so we decided to listen to her aunt and go to a wellness clinic to have a FULL BLOOD WORK exam done on her. At first they thought it was Hashimoto's disease but later found it to be Lyme's disease. All of the symptoms checked out and it was very disturbing to see how close to the end of the road she had come. She is now on thyroid medication and still battling some fatigue and weight issues, but at least now we know what it is and she is getting the RIGHT treatment for it. Fast forward to today. She is still battling weight issues and its hard for her to work a full work week. Working part time gives her the ability to cope with her fatigue. We have recently found that vitamin B12 shots are helping her regain control over the fatigue issues she has been having. So, we will keep on doing the B12 shots and see where that goes. If you know something is wrong and your not getting better, then have a full blood work exam done on yourself. Otherwise your wasting you time with these "Urgent" care clinics.