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2288 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, Arizona, United States of America
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Lori Wilkerson
2 weeks ago
I wanted to THANK the good folks at Best Buy for their extraordinary Customer Service I received today! I walked into their store and spoke with Dennis. I have an elderly mother who has increasing trouble with cell phones, but it's very important to me that she is able to maintain as "easy" of contact with family and friends as we can manage. A very long story short, we've ended up purchasing 3 phones from this Best Buy location since March 1st (two Jitterbug Flips and one Jitterbug Smart Phone). I explained our story to Dennis. He requested the assistance of a Floor Manager, Debra. I explained that even though I knew we were WELL past our 15 day return limit, that one of their kind sales people (who helped me with the Jitterbug Smart Phone -- I'm SO SORRY I don't have his name), suggested it MIGHT be possible to return the Flip for a Store Credit. [I really want to state this IS NOT the norm, nor did I expect them to do it, but I figured I'd ask]. As Dennis patiently worked through the computer process of allowing this return, Debra and I spoke about my Mom. She saw her picture on my Contacts, when I had to pull up her phone number for the return (as I have her on speed dial). Right before the return was processed, Debra instructed Dennis to "refund it to the Credit Card used". I WAS FLOORED and couldn't believe my ears!!! I tried to thank them both over and over and Debra just gave me a compassionate look and said, "I hope this one works out well for your mom". IT DOES Debra and I am so very, very grateful for your extraordinary kindness! Thank you too, Dennis. YOU GUYS are what make "brick and mortar stores" STILL SO SPECIAL !!!!! Thank you! L.W. - Gilbert, AZ