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Jane bruce-bode
3 weeks ago
Most staff is wonderful. Helpful and attentive. I respect the medical staff and I’m grateful that they have taken on this cause to treat and participate in helping humanity during difficult times of health uncertainties. I do agree with many of the posts on this forum…primarily the social giggling of staff outside an ICU room of a suffering patient. These workers are human and should enjoy their work environment. But when it comes to the ER where life and death is abundant, that’s a different space. Tina, the Red Headed unhappy to be there nurse (except maybe a paycheck) should not be working with patients. This Individual seems put out and from observations, frustrated, overwhelmed and just sloppy when attending patients. Once you’re monitors are hooked up, you’ll never see her again and she becomes annoyed if you need her assistance. Monitors will beat endlessly until you request help…your family member will continue to shiver, go thirsty, and urinate the bed unless family is there to care for them. But there are many other nurses/doctors, hospital staff that demonstrate their love for their patients…some need to find another career filing papers or painting buildings with little human contact…Tina would be one, I hope she finds some joy and not think of patients as a burden.