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The Landing at Round Rock

7711 O'Connor Dr, Brushy Creek, United States of America
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CloseN_ Time
a week ago
Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT LIVE HERE! KEEP LOOKING! Where should I begin lol. I’ve lived here for quite awhile now and I’ve seen just about everything. I get why you’re considering this place; nice pool, nice area of town, intriguing floor plans, etc. These buildings are old and haven’t aged well at all. During the summer you will set your ac to 70 and it will only be able to hold it at 75-76 because there is no insulation. Every floorboard creeks and in some areas of my unit it feels like you might fall through. Black mold was prevalent in my apartment and it took months for them to take care of it. There is zero parking available throughout the complex along with very dim lighting. If you live in the two story 1b 1b (I forget the name of the floor plan) just know your bedroom is above your neighbors garage; you will never be able to cool it down. The management “team” is the worst! Some good salesmen, but horrible property managers. The phone in the office is never answered and forget about getting a response via email. They have maybe 3-4 maintenance guys so if you ever get the management team to put the request in for maintenance it will take weeks for them to finally get to your apartment. If I had the money, the time off, and wasn’t so lazy I would’ve moved along time ago. This is the worst place to live in this area. DO NOT SIGN THAT LEASE, KEEP LOOKING!