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Raging Burrito

141 Sycamore St, Decatur, Georgia, United States
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Katherine Lynn
a week ago
Raging Burrito is a Decatur staple. I'm so glad they've made it through this crazy year. The staff is so welcoming and kind to everyone, and the food is great. The back patio is gorgeous and was the best place to sit even before it was the only place to sit! That said, I'm looking forward to the inside opening soon. They have a relatively good selection of vegan options (especially since you can customize so much), which I appreciate. I just wish they had a vegan cheese option! Nothing too fancy, but something to add to burritos would be awesome, even if they had to charge a little extra for it! I think it would really increase options. Overall though it is a great restaurant with generous portions for good prices, and it's local!