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Matt B
2 weeks ago
Quite the debacle. Best Buy was supposed to delivery me my TV ($1500+ TV) today. I got the phone call yesterday (the day before) stating the delivery was confirmed. The time block (12 - 6) came and went, no phone call or delivery. I called Best Buy customer service and they said "the warehouse doesn't have any in stock" and then proceeded to tell me I can pick up the TV at a warehouse location. I show up at the warehouse with an updated receipt and email annotating today at this warehouse being the pick up. The manager comes out, after I waited 10 mins, "unfortunately, I cannot release the TV to you because Home Delivery hasn't released it." The manager tried to discuss with the Bridge Department. Sadly, this is a Best Buy issue corporate logistics integration issue, not just a warehouse and applies to more than just this warehouse. While the warehouse manager was trying to get the bridge location to release my TV, I called the Customer Service number (again), waited 20 minutes spoke to someone who said "you need to talk to home theater" and then put me on hold (for now another 20 min, still waiting while I write this review). And of course Best Buy did nothing to compensate compensate for the two hours of my Friday night addressing their logistics issue. Never had this problem with an Amazon purchase. I will post this elsewhere.