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The Garlic

556 E 3rd Ave, New Smyrna Beach, United States of America
Review summary
2 months ago
Great atmosphere! I wouldn't go there for the food though. No matter where you look there's something interesting to see. Server dutifully recited the company spiel while serving their namesake dish which had no real garlic flavor then left to us to sort through the edible and inedible parts. A little grated Parmesan which had to be requested went a long way in waking this offering up. The pasta and meat dish came in a big bowl with a fair amount of liquid at the bottom as though it hadn't been properly strained. Chunks of beef still had bone attached which may have been appropriate if it was a soup or stew but I don't recall any meat in a pasta dish being served with the bone. Another guest had steamed mussels and the broth was very sweet which was unusual and not an improvement on the typical wine sauce that mussels are served in. Not that any of the food was horrible, just consistently below expectations as one would measure expectations against let's say; Olive Garden or the neighborhood Mom and Pop Italian restaurant. House salad is blah. Same for the Sangria. I get the impression they are okay to skate on the atmosphere and I guess that is serving them well. The only reason they did not get two stars is because the price is not that unreasonable.