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Noches De Colombia

Randolph, United States
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vladimir Jimenez
2 months ago
After a wonderful day, enjoying the first year of my second son's life, my family decided to visit this Colombian restaurant , for which we already have a taste for this delicious food that this franchise offers, and such good experiences and memories that I have. from other venues, but in this place at the beginning everything was perfect from the beginning the Hostess attended us with great elegance and respect, we asked her to please a table outside so we visited the place with a pet, everything perfect the waiter Daniel, a star That maybe I would have tipped more if I had automatically added 25% of the typical to the bill, which for the service that he gave us we would have left him much more, but that does not bother me, what made me unworthy was the treatment of the owners or managers of the place, a guy with white hair sat near the table to listen and is attentive to our conversations, it seemed very suspicious but when I realized that all the employees of the place They greeted him, it was obvious that he was the owner or the manager was watching us at all times but I didn't give it importance until I paid the bill, when I gave Daniel my card this guy stopped and entered the restaurant. It is very clear to me that I was profiled in case we do not pay, it seems incredible to me, what a pity where this unsuspecting man would have come from, of low proceeding ... If my advice is if you go for a picnic at the nearby park, don't bother to eat here because they will do the same to you, what a shame ..