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Oasis Restaurant

373 Main St, Medford, United States
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Bruce Moore
a month ago
PLEASE TAKE NOTE ...Oasis adds 18% gratuity to your dinning tab total when the place is cafeteria style dining. Then they give you a bill with a place to add your own tip just in case you didn't happen to notice that you're already tipping 18%. They weigh your plate and the food is priced reasonably. I've been there 7 or 8 times. Food is decent though I've soured a little feeling they are a little greedy with this tipping system they have. Plan on 5 minutes for a parking space to open up and then walk to a kiosk to pay to park your car....I'll go back but I feel different about the place with the forced tipping just for someone to take your dirty dishes off the table by someone who did not serve you your food. The Brazilian girls all look good.