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BJ's Wholesale Club

278 Middlesex Ave, Medford, Massachusetts, United States
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Carolane Pierre
2 weeks ago
On July 14th, 2021, my aunt and I visited the BJ’s in Medford, Mass for a quick grocery shopping. A cashier named Mohamed ruined our mood and shopping experience. We had separate carriages, we were in his lane waiting for him to finish with a previous customer. When the customer in front of us started removing things I told my aunt go to the other empty lane. When it was my turn to ring my items, Mohamed asked me “why is she covering her head” I replied to him because she is Muslim. He gave me an uncomfortable look and wanted to continue his uncomfortable questions I ignored him. When my aunt finished and was passing by him he said to my aunt “you are going to hell for having no patient”. That was the last draw. I asked who he thought he was. He proceeded to show us his badge asking my aunt do you know about this name. The next customer in line asked what’s wrong he proceeded to tell him that my aunt as a Muslim woman should be more patient to wait on him, even though there was an empty lane. The two men were now arguing with my aunt. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DISRESPECTED LIKE THAT IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES. when my aunt started to put him in his place, it was “haram”. A Muslim woman should not raise her voice he said. I thought this was a free country we all have freedom of religion and choices. Mohamed did not want us to have either. While he was at work he found the time put down 2 shoppers.