Driving directions

תחנה מרכזית

כפר סבא, Israel
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Mordechai Korzuch
4 months ago
I wanted to take a bus to Kfar-Saba central station. I know the route, but wanted to see when my bus will arrive and happened to spot something odd when I looked at it. The suggested route was to take 567 (from azrieli mall/begin road), which gets me directly to my destination, however for some reason it suggested getting off the bus and transferring to 29, a bus that has the same route for that part of the ride, only that: A. It requires me to transfer buses. B. It picks passengers up for that entire section, while 567 only lets passengers down (making 567 a much faster option). C. It would just cost extra money if the ride happened to take over 90 minutes (which can easily happen). Not sure why it was like that today but from my experience it used to be fine.