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Ever get super annoyed by the fact that you took a wrong exit, and only after a long time Waze would realize and trigger a reroute? The new falcon snapper helped improve the experience in those cases, but by feeding it more precise data we can improve the algorithm even more! That’s why we are introducing road width in WME, this data will allow Falcon to provide much faster route re-calculations with less false-positives.

How does it work

Editors will be able to input the number of lanes at the entrance of a segment, and this will be multiplied by the default or set road width.

  1. Select a segment
  2. Access the road width from the renamed tab “Lanes & Road Width” in side panel
  3. For each direction you can:
  4. Add the number of lanes at the entrance of the segment
  5. See the default road width (This data was provided by the country coordinators)
  6. Override the default road width if needed

Having this information for each segment would be awazeing, but we know that might be a really challenging task.

What's really important is to map the number of lanes in the following scenarios:

Forking points

In case of forking points make sure to add the number of lanes to all the segments involved.

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Parallel Roads

Make sure to map the number of lanes for all the segments of the parallel roads for as long as they are close to each other.

Hov Lanes

Where the HOV is an independent segment, this can be seen as a sub-type of the Parallel Roads.

Toll Booths

If a toll booth is composed of multiple segments make sure to split the number of lanes based on the number of segments to have full coverage.

As said before this will improve the snapping algorithm and provide a smoother experience for the drivers.

IMPORTANT: There is no need to split the segment in case the number of lanes change over the course of the segments, what's important for us is the number of lanes at the entry of the segment.

Road Width is now available in WME!

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