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This is a documentation subpage for Modèle:AM/Editor.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original modèle page.

This template is part of a suite of templates that build an Area Manager table.


The {{AM/Editor}} template has four unnamed parameters in the following order:

  • Editor name - Username used to login
  • Editor rank - Map editing rank established based on overall points earned
  • Area managed - Assigned area of responsibility on the map
  • Comments - Open text field for anything appropriate related to Area Management. Also supports adding the {{AM/Badge}} templates held by senior editors.

Any field (besides the Editor name) can be skipped, but the pipe character(s) (|) must be present (four of them).

There are two optional named parameters for displaying a Google Hangout avatar, and nickname.

  • |gho=GHO DISPLAY NAME - When used it will display this name in gray on a new line below the username. It can be placed after the comments or badge parameters.
  • |pic=File:Avatar USERNAME.png - When used will display the image you provide to the left of your GHO name. If not used a default Google style color tile with your initial will be shown instead.
You will have to upload your avatar to the Waze wiki, and use the file name here. When uploading please use the filename format of Avatar YOUR (xxx = file type extension).


{{AM/Editor|WazingTime|6|Provincewide|Native Ont|badge1=gc}}
{{AM/Editor|Wazzzzzz|3|Provincewide|Mostly Southern Ont|gho=John D}}
{{AM/Editor|BigCheeze|||Mostly Central Ont|gho=Chee Z}}


Username Area Managed Comments
WazingTime(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Provincewide Badge GlobalChamp.png
Native Ont
TimeWazer(4) [PM] Profile L4.png Provincewide
Wazzzzzz(3) [PM] Profile L3.png
  John D
Provincewide Mostly Southern Ont
BigCheeze [PM] Profile L2.png
  Chee Z
Mostly Central Ont

NOTE: The image after the [PM] link is a link to the users' profile. It uses the respective image for that users' rank if listed, otherwise the rank 2 image is used.

Other Area Manager templates

This template will not work on a page on its own. It is always part of a larger array of templates or directly entered table wiki code. The Area Manager tables set up on the State pages are organized such that normal updates and changes for editors can be done without worrying about the other template elements.

If you want to learn about the other templates and to see the more advanced capabilities of {{AM/Editor}}, see the documentation for the {{AM}} template.