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BootCamp GHO

Now that NY has more editors sending out Welcome Packets, there will be a gradual increase in the number of entry level editors looking to join the NY editing community.

Most Welcome Packets result initially in 1-on-1 PMs, and eventually you try to move them to a communication platform like Google Hangout [GHO].

There are however two major issues that occur in this process...

1-on-1 PM: A major concern with 1-on-1 PM approach is the "1 Man Army" issue - you should never feel the need to, nor try to be available 24/7.

There is no way to know when a new editor may find some free time in their day and decide to pop onto WME.

We certainly don't want to create new ways to leave an editor stranded in the already over whelming WME environment.

Should an editor be lucky enough to have 2, or 3, or maybe even 4 editors respond to Welcome Packets at the same time [it has happened!]...the recruiter ends up being the over whelmed editor.

GHO Discussions: Randomly occurring, in-depth discussions in main GHO's...

We certainly do NOT want to discourage those type of discussions, as they are GREAT learning experiences for editors ready to advance their skills.

However to the new editor, who has not yet established his fundamental editing skills, that discussion is very intimidating.

So what is BootCamp about?

BootCamp is trying to create a learning environment, where entry level editors can go to develop a solid set of fundamental editing skills, with out concerns of intimidation, judgement or embarrassment.

BootCamp will be filled with discussions about those fundamental editing skills. We will also teach the many etiquette's that are used to help ease the transition into more active GHO's.

This will also reduce the over whelming information stream in main GHO's, and allow them to stay focused on what they do best...discuss and fix more advanced issues.

BootCamp is monitored by volunteers, who watch for that random activity from new editors. So if a new editor drops in during lunch, or the middle of the night, ideally someone will be there to answer those basic questions. By having multiple editors monitoring BootCamp when they are normally on WME, this removes the burden from a single editor trying to juggle 2 or 3 new editors alone.

A distinct advantage to this style of focused learning, is ANY lesson shared with one specific editor in the GHO benefits every other editor in the GHO as well.

So who can join BootCamp

Every editor in NY crosses paths with a new editor at some point. However, you may be the only editor that crosses paths with THAT new editor. It is strongly recommended that every editor send out Welcome Packets to any new editor you come across in your region.

However, not every editor has the time to work directly with a new editor. That is where BootCamp can help you, make Waze a better experience for every New Yorker!.

Any editor in NY that makes initial contact with an entry level editor, is encouraged to request an invite to BootCamp for the new editor. Simply ask the new editor for an email where the invitation can be sent to. Once the invite is confirmed, direct them to Google Hangouts.

This GHO is intended for short term use for 'new' editors. Once they have established some basics, they will be encouraged to join NY Editors GHO, to further their development.