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Standard Responses:

Standard Responses [SR's] are used when working with Update Requests [UR's] in the Waze Map Editor [WME].

These SR's are intended to offer general guidance to help editor's effectively communicate with Waze reporters in a productive manner. Please remember to keep this excellent guidance in mind when ever working with UR's.

There are also scripts available like UR Comments that can automate the process of replying to UR's.

Please feel free to modify any of these to fit your specific situations.

When to use: Used to start the conversation with a Waze app user, in the UR that contains "No comments yet", as well as those UR's with little detail about the issue.

  • Thanks for the report! Can you provide specific information about this error?

When to use: When you have sent an initial request for additional information, and the reporter has not yet replied. The specific amount of time between the initial request and the reminder varies between regions, so check for local guidance.

  • Hi There! We would like to try to correct this issue for you, but we need more specific information about it. If it can't be corrected, then it will have to be left incomplete and this report will be closed.

No Response/ Closing
When to use: After the initial request for additional info AND the reminder request have been sent, and an additional wait period has passed since the reminder was sent, THEN you should close out the UR as 'Not Identified'.

  • No recent activity - No new information - Closing as "Not Identified"

NOTE: Editors should also consider giving the entire local area one last review and see what various items can be corrected before closing this UR and leaving this specific area of the map. There may not be another editor that will review this area for weeks or months!

Address Request
When to use: Once specific routing issues have been identified by the reporter, but an editor is not able to reproduce them, knowing the exact starting/ ending address used by the reporter, is sometimes useful to the editor.

  • Can I ask what your destination address was? I would like to try to replicate this error.

NOTE: For privacy reasons some reporters may not be comfortable giving you a specific address. You should respect this and consider alternative ways to resolve the issue.

Issue Solved
When to use: The issue reported was properly identified, and the map data was corrected as needed...including a comment about the delay due to 'Tile Updates' is also very useful information to the reporter, who may only be a casual Waze app user.

  • Appropriate data updated. This should appear in the Waze app in the next several days. Please open a new report if there are any additional issues. Thanks!

Restrictions [Weight/Height/Width/Vehicle Type]
When to use: When you get a report offering this sort of data, do NOT just discard it as useless. Waze wants to collect any data made available for [possible] future use, but editors also need to help the reporter understand they won't see it currently in use in the Waze app.

  • Thanks for the info on the restriction(s), the appropriate data was updated. Please continue to send reports whenever you see this sort of information posted locally, so that Waze can have this information available for future use. Thanks! Please note: The current version of the Waze app does NOT use this type of data when selecting a route. Please remember to always watch for posted signage and obey local laws.

No Solution/ Closing
When to use: Reporter has given as much information as they can, but the actual issue is never specifically identified and corrected. We don't want the reporter to feel as tho they wasted their time sending in a UR, but we also need to acknowledge that this specific issue can not be fixed.

  • All relevant MAP DATA has been reviewed, and at this time there is no obvious solution to this error. This report will be closed as "Not Identified". Please continue to report any additional issues. Thanks!