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1. Overview

The Gas Station feature gives Wazers the ability search for gas stations on their route and find the best priced fuel powered by community-shared gas prices. The gas station feature is activated in countries on a per-country basis, once 75% of the country’s gas stations are mapped in the Waze Map Editor (WME).

Find a complete list of countries with the GS feature open here.

2. Activating the Gas Stations feature in your country

  • Make sure that 75% of all the gas stations in the country are mapped in the WME.
  • Email your community manager the total number of gas stations of the country: this information should be confirmed by providing an official document or link.
  • Follow the progress in this sheet, and let us know once the 75% has been reached!

2.1 Information needed to activate the GS feature

Once the 75% has been reached, along with the happy news, please provide us the following information:

  • 4 main fuel types and their min/max price. For example:
  • Super 95: $5.10/$8.30
  • Super 98: $5.67/9.20
  • Currency symbol. For example: MXN, CL$, etc.
  • Price format. For example: xx.xx
  • What measurement is gas sold in: Liters or gallons

2.2 How to add a gas station to the Waze map

Gas stations can be added directly to the WME. Read about how to do it here.

3. Using the Gas Station feature

Users can search and drive to gas stations near them, and see which ones have the best prices based on information sourced by the community.

3.1 Navigate to a Gas Station

Once the feature has been activated in your country the gas station option will appear below the search bar by default.

  • Tap on Gas stations & prices and you will see a list of nearby stations sorted by price, distance, or brand.
  • Click on the Gas Station you want to go to and then tap Go.

3.2 Updating fuel type prices

Wazers can change the price of each fuel type in a specific gas station, and help other Wazers get the best gas price in their area.

  • Tap Report - Gas Prices
  • Choose the gas station that you would like to update prices for from the list
  • To update a price, tap the currently displayed price, type the accurate one and send.

Important notes:

  • In order to modify the gas prices in a specific gas station, you must physically be in a radius of 0.3 miles/500 meters or less from that station.
  • In order to be able to modify the gas prices, you must be above the rank of baby Wazer.
  • The price range is set by the information provided by the community, and the user can change the price within this range only.

4. Adding or editing gas station brands and fuel typer in the WME and App

In order to add, edit or remove brands and/or fuel types, please fill this form and add the relevant information.

5. Report changes in the minimum & maximum price of gas

For changes in the min/max price of gas, please email your community manager for help.