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When joining the Localization Community, you are joining a global community of over 350 members, who together make the Waze Experience easy and accessible worldwide!

A Localizer needs to know Waze products very well, which is why it is important to have 6 months experience as an editor or as a Beta Tester, with proficiency in English.

You will need your language coordinator approval to join the community, please contact your coordinator directly.

The best way to contact the coordinator is via the Waze Localization Forum.

After being approved, make sure to ask about the Localization Discord Channel, to stay up to date!

Languages Rules:

Top 5 languages: Hebrew, French, Portuguese-BR, Spanish ES and Spanish Latam - We are not looking for new localizers, most of the translations are under responsibility of the linguists.

If you don't find a language coordinator in the list, please fill out this form.