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Welcome to Waze Laos!

Thank you for your interest in editing the Laos map for Waze! We are working on guidelines to put on this page, but they are not ready yet.

Editing Community

The current active community is completely made up of international editors. Please contact one of the editors in the chart below for further information.

Editor User Name Rank Role Edits in Home Country
fermario73 (PM) 5 CM Entire country Argentina
leinerg (PM) 5 AM Northern 2/3 of Laos Costa Rica
kyhtak (PM) 4 AM Northern 2/3 of Laos United States


We use the Waze Laos Discord Server to communicate. We would love to have you join us there. Discord is an easier way to contact us than the Private Message (PM) links above. But PM does work.

Help and Getting Answers to Your Questions

The link above will take you to a form. Fill out the form to ask for a link to join to the Laos Discord Server. After you submit the form, you will get an email with a link to the Discord Server. (Check your Spam folder if the link isn't in your email Inbox.)

We can answer your questions in Discord, and help you get started editing the Waze Map in Laos. We can also share screenshots in Discord, which is much harder in Forum PM's.

Below is a beginning outline of what we want to include here.

  • We will add information to each section as we write it.
  • We will not do them in the order they are in here.
  • We will probably have to add, rename, move, and delete sections to best work with mapping in Laos.

Laos Wazeopedia -- A Work in Progress

We would love to have your help. Read along and join the Waze Laos editing community.

What is Waze?

  • Waze is a free navigation app for your GPS equipped smartphone.
  • You can read more about its features here.
  • Waze is crowd-sourced, meaning it is maintained by its users.
  • The Waze map (Waze Map Editor, or WME) is updated and maintained by real people (like you) who volunteer their time to make Waze what it is.
  • Waze users and Waze map editors form a community, who work together locally (as well as internationally) to improve the map for everyone.

Some general editing principles apply to all countries. The Global Wazeopedia gives a good explanation of these basic principles. There is also a very helpful Quick Start Guide for simple edits.

Each country has unique challenges, which require modified editing practices specific to that country. This page focuses on map editing in Laos. If you want to know more about a subject, you will find many links in this document that take you to other pages with detailed explanations. If you open them while you press Ctrl, the linked pages will open in another tab and keep this Laos page open.


What Does the Map Editor Community Do . . . and Who Are They?

  • The map editor community maintains the Waze map and makes sure it works in the best way possible.
  • Map editors make guidelines that are specific to the country they are working in. (In this case, in the country of Laos.)
  • Map editors from all over the world also work together as an international team.
  • The Laos editor team:
    • At this time, there are no local editors in Laos.
    • Map editing in Laos is mostly done by three international editors who have never been to Laos.
    • Much of the map in Laos is not even drawn yet.

If you live in Laos, or travel often in Laos, you can make a big difference in the Laos Waze Map!

  • You can help by sharing your knowledge and experiences.
  • You can help by physically testing the map. This is something international editors cannot do.
  • You can also help by becoming a map editor yourself. (This combines the first two ways, and will be the biggest help to the map!)


No team can work together effectively without a lot of communication. There are four ways the Laos Editing community communicates:

Waze Laos Discord Chat

We have chosen to use Discord as the best way to communicate. If you would like to join discussions and help develop the Waze map in Laos, Discord gives the best opportunities. There are different channels for specific subjects, and you can send private Direct Messages (DM) as well. It is easy to share pictures and screenshots, and to get help from multiple editors. It is also easy to set notification rules for your browser as well as for your phone. You can request a link to the Waze Laos Discord server at the above link.

Forum Private Messages (PM)

With a Forum Account (which you will need before you can help edit the map anyway) you can make use of Private Messages (PM). This is a kind of inbox, like your e-mail. When you receive a PM, you will also receive a message to your regular e-mail to inform you of the new message.

WME Chat

While you are editing, you can directly request help in WME chat. It shows you the level of the editor you are talking to. Please keep in mind that most editors are willing to help, but not all of them have the technical knowledge or editing experience to give you the best answer. Because the built-in chat does not always work as desired, we mostly use Waze Laos Discord Chat.


A lot of information is available in the Wazeopedia. ("Wiki" for short)

  • There are global pages with information that applies to all regions in the World.
  • There are local pages (like this one) that apply to specific countries.
  • There are also many pages that explain how specific things work.
  • Links on all these pages will take you to helpful information in another part of the Wazeopedia.

We have just started this Wiki page for Laos. Because all of our current editors live outside of Laos, this page is only available in English right now.

We are doing our best to describe things the way they work in Laos. However, since none of us live there, or have even visited, our knowledge is limited. We will welcome local editors, and will be happy to update this page as we learn more from editors who live and work in Laos.


More coming soon

How to start

More coming soon


More coming soon

Base Map Editing

More coming soon

Road Naming

More coming soon


More coming soon

Road Categories

More coming soon

Road Types

More coming soon

Drivable Segments

More coming soon


More coming soon

Other Streets

More coming soon


More coming soon

Non-Drivable Segments

More coming soon

Locking Standard

More coming soon

Speed Limits

More coming soon

Update Requests (UR's)

More coming soon

Map Problems (MP's)

More coming soon


For starters, there are some basic projects (besides just getting the rest of the roads mapped) that would really help with the map in Laos.

Routing Continuity

  • All Primary Streets (PS) begin and end at a road classified as PS or higher
  • All Minor Highways (mH) begin and end at a road classified as mH or higher.
  • All Major Highways (MH) begin and end at a road classified as MH or higher.

Find Non-Copyrighted Sources for Resources (if such even exists)

We really need non-copyrighted reliable sources so we can correctly map and label at least major roads, and so we can name rivers, major landmarks and features, cities, towns, and villages.

Falcon Alignment

Beginning with Freeways and working down, all roads should be aligned with the segment centerline.

City / Town / Village Names

This one is going to require some sort of non-copyrighted map and / or local users. Since there are few road names, about the best we will be able to do is get people to the correct village.

Create a UR Reply Spreadsheet

Pakistan has a really nice spreadsheet that uses both English and Pakistani responses. It would be nice to have something like that for Laos, since none of us speak the language.

Google Translate might be OK for a start, but the ideal would be to have native speakers of the Lao language, who are also fluent in English, to work with us on this.

Petrol / Gas Stations

Add all gas / petrol stations

  • Get a list of petrol brands used in Laos
  • Add stations to the map