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Speed Limit (SL) is a regulatory traffic control means enacted under Section 69 of the Road Transport Act 1989 (Act 333) which is necessary to control the speed of vehicles for safety reasons. It is implemented by the road authorities to inform the motorists of the appropriate driving speeds and these limits are enforced by the police or road transport authorities.

Which speed limit should be added to the map? link to this section

  1. All Statutory Speed Limits with or without posted sign
  2. Local/Zonal Speed Limits with posted sign
  3. Only school zones Advisory Speed Limit


  • Local/Zonal SL marked with black lettering on a red circular sign takes precedence over Statutory SL.
  • Roadwork zones SL are NOT to be added

Types of Speed Limits link to this section

Statutory Speed Limit
Statutory speed limits, also known as the National Speed Limits (Had Laju Kebangsaan), are based on the concept that uniform categories of highways can operate at certain maximum speed under ideal conditions. The National Speed Limits are applicable to expressways (110 km/h), federal roads (90 km/h) and state roads (80 km/h).

Common examples of Statutory SL Signs

Local/Zonal Speed Limit
These alternative speed limits are usually lower than those prescribed by the National Speed Limit. Legislated through the process of gazette, these speed limits are established on basis of engineering study, and becoming effective when the limits are posted and properly recorded.

Common examples of Local/Zonal SL Signs

Advisory Speed Limit
Advisory Speed Limit is usually recommended by the road authority, but is not strictly enforced. These speed limits are often set in areas with many pedestrian activities (school zones) and on difficult stretches of roads such as on speed bumps, tight corners or through roadwork zones.

Common examples of Advisory SL Signs

Speed Limit Guide Table
SL Type Road Class Road Type SL Setting (km/h)
Local/Zonal Applicable to All  Fw   MH   mH   PS   St   Pvt   PLR  Follow SL Sign
Statutory Expressway  Fw  110
Federal Roads  MH   mH  90
State Roads  mH   PS  80
Municipal Roads  MH   mH  PS   St  N/A
Advisory School zones  MH   mH   PS   St  Follow SL Sign