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Gas Station Place

This type of Place is always drawn as an Area Place. It is one of the Car services sub-categories. They should be mapped to the edges of the property (or at least to the drivable area of the gas station). Gas station places should be connected with Parking Lot Roads without streetname.

There is more information contained in an Gas station Area than can be viewed in WME, such as available fuels and corresponding prices. Per country four fuel types are available, which are shown for all gas stations. Gas stations always get the name in the format <Brand> <Name Gas station>, for example “Shell De Rotonde”. Choose the Brand from the drop down menu. Leave this option blank if the brand is not listed.

Express stations

If a brand has both manned (store) and unmanned (express) stations, use the base <Brand> without an Express extension for the manned stations and for the unmanned stations add [EXPRESS] as the brand name to the Street name of the city, such as <Street> [EXPRESS]. We only add the [EXPRESS] for gas station addresses for brands that are not unmanned by default. TinQ stations, for example, should not be given an [EXPRESS] addition because they are always unmanned. When all Express stations are renamed to the base brand, the brand names with the Express extension are removed from the drop-down list.



To distinguish between gasoline stations of the same brand, located on both sides of a highway, the direction can be added to the streetname of the place. Add behind the street name ri plus a short indication where that side of the highway leads to.

If the gas station also includes a shop, you can choose that as a secondary category. If the shop has different opening times, for instance when at night gas taking is still possible via automatic payment, make an extra Point Place for the shop and categorize it as “Convenience Store”.


The global Wiki has an extended description of Gas Stations. If there are differences in the guidelines, remember that the Dutch guidelines precede when applied to our map.

Gas stations are locked at level 3 or as high as your own level. On highways, as part of a Service Area they are locked on the same level as the road.

Use this form to add, rename and delete gas station brands: Gas Station Brands Requests

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