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A Guide to Waze in Singapore

Here you will find information on local Singapore map editing guidelines, rules and the editor community that keeps it going. If you are willing to contribute to the Singapore map, read on!

About Editing in Singapore

Every Wazer, whether you are a new editor, an inactive one or just a user of the app for your daily commute, are encouraged and welcome to contribute to the Singapore map. At the same time, everyone, regardless of points or even editing rank, is expected to adhere to a locally define set of rules. Any rules/guidelines not covered here will be in the Global Wiki.

Singapore, being the fine island-state it is, means we follow a set of clearly defined rules and regulations, especially on the roads, or face the financial/demerit points consequences when caught. This means editing anywhere else in the world or even in the region does not mean you are ready to edit in Singapore. The same can of course be said vice versa. Therefore, understanding each community/country's editing practices is a good habit even for a seasoned editor.

Getting Started

Please do not edit the map until you have read the Waze Map Editor manual and reviewed the best map editing practices.

If you are a new editor please also give the Map Editing Quick Start Guide a read then the Map Editor Interface and Controls a thorough review.