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Welcome to Waze UAE

Welcome Wazer! The fact that you are here visiting our page means you are obviously interested in Waze and wondering what kind of app it is. Are you using the app and wondering what you can do to improve it? Or you are editing the map and wondering how to fix a certain situation best... You have come to the right place !

For general information please visit the global wiki pages or the Waze home page.

On this page you will find country specific information about editing in the UAE...

What is Waze?

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. There are many navigation apps, many of them rely on maps that are updated only a few times a year, resulting in outdated maps and wrong navigation instructions. Waze is different. Waze maps are updated on almost a daily basis. The maps are constantly updated by volunteers of our local community. So, signs along the road asking you to switch off your navigation app are not for Waze. Waze has the most up-to-date road information, for free.

The app uses maps and your phone's GPS. Map information that is already available cached in your phone and information that is retrieved from the Waze map servers via the internet. It is possible to use Waze without internet connection while driving in areas where your phone uses already cached maps, but the best navigation experience you got with an internet connection. The data usage of the app is moderate. Tests mention around 3,9 MB for 75km.

What can you do...

Are you interested in what you can do for the Waze Community?

The road infrastructure in the UAE is constantly changing. You're most valuable with your local knowledge. You can help us to keep the Waze map up-to-date !

Are there road works planned in your neighborhood?
New housing estates?
New roads planned?
Changes in one-way / two-way traffic?
Sometimes data is still missing or not accurate anymore: street names, speed limits, house numbers, places, ...

Are there points of interest in your neighborhood that could be interesting for Wazers as a destination like a gas station, parking, hospital, school and so on? Check if they are already created on the map and if not there is something to do.

If you're new and like to help us keep the map up-to-date please check out the Quick start guide, don't forget to read Improve your skills and while editing the map, keep our KISS principles in mind !

Sign up for our Slack channel, our primary communication channel. When you've got questions, don't hesitate to ask them there or contact our Area Managers via the UAE forum. There are always experienced editors ready to answer your questions. Also reading other peoples questions and answers on the Slack channels can be informative.

A schematic overview of the possibilities for beginners see the Starters Summary.

How to guides...

If you're here for finding an answer on a more detailed question and you already read the Quick start guide, check out one the following pages: