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An Area Manager (AM) is a Waze community member (a user) who wishes to take a proactive role in maintaining specific areas of the Waze map. How deeply involved and how much time an area manager spends maintaining the Waze map varies greatly.


Duties of an area manager include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Respond to and correct user update requests on the Update Requests layer.
  • Process and resolve map errors/problems as shown on the Map Problems layer.
  • Make changes to the map when road construction projects start and finish by maintaining new geometry, adding or deleting roads and disconnecting and re-connecting ramps.
  • Maintain speed and red-light cameras by processing reports of devices from Waze drivers.
  • Act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice in both the forums and when you see improper edits on the map.


The position of Area Manager is by appointment. To become an area manager, you must meet the prerequisites and then submit your application.

Prospective Area Managers should already...

  • have at least a few months of experience editing the Waze maps regularly.
  • have read and followed the guidelines for mapping found in the wiki, starting at the Waze Map Editing page.
  • have completed at least 5000 quality edits.
  • have a real Waze username which does not start with usa_ or world_.
  • have forum PMs enabled and associated with a valid and verifiable email address.
  • be active in the Waze forums, asking questions, and even providing guidance for newer editors, if possible.

Note that Area Manager appointments expire after 90 days of inactivity, but can be extended by contacting the appropriate RC.

Required reading

Before applying to become an AM, you will be expected to have read the following wiki pages and forums.


Be sure to also find and read the editing guidelines specific to your state.


You should also read these forum posts and know where your state's Unlock Request is located

Application process

Identifying your area

Before you head off to submit your application for AM, use the Waze Map Editor, position the map and set the zoom level to show the area you want to manage. Make a Permalink of the area and copy the address from the address bar in your browser.


  • More than one Area Manager can manage the same area.
  • Areas can overlap, be smaller or larger.
  • You can also be the AM for more than one area. Notice the green area of the map has four managers.

Application form

If you would like to become an Area Manager or expand your existing area, you will need to complete an application form covered in this forum.