Landmarks by Type (obsolete) Discussion History

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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.
Landmarks are now area places.

Waze landmarks serve to orient drivers and to establish app-searchable points-of-interest (POI) for situations where the primary POI search engines may not find the desired location. Despite these helpful attributes, landmarks are easily overused. Unnecessary landmarks clutter maps and stymie drivers with redundant, incomplete, and sometimes contradictory POI results. Waze offers a plethora of landmark types as a byproduct of the original base-map import, but most of these hinder rather than help Waze users and are best avoided.

In general, if a location is not distinctive and significant enough to orient drivers, and is already searchable using the primary POI search engines, it should not be landmarked in Waze. Three common exceptions are gas stations, which receive special handling; government or transit-oriented destinations for the general public, such as parks and airports; and school or university campuses, whether public or private.

The Waze editing community in the US has agreed that, aside from gas stations, ordinary businesses are never to be landmarked. However consensus is less firm regarding landmarking of large private country clubs, golf courses and retreat centers with extensive, groomed and conspicuous open space. Such facilities, though private, may be sufficiently distinctive and significant in a given area that to leave them unmapped would be a disservice to Waze users. Regardless, the criteria of either orienting drivers or not otherwise findable with a primary POI search engine apply to landmarking private as well as public locations.

Below is the list of Landmark Types provided by WME. This list is to facilitate a discussion in the forums about what Landmarks should and should not be included in the map The discussion is located at Eventually we hope for this to become the guide for which landmarks get mapped & how they get mapped.

Minimum landmark size

The width of either X or Y must be over 50 m (160 feet)

When creating a landmark, it is important to understand the client application will not display the landmark unless it is greater than 50 m (160 feet) when measuring the maximum size of the X or Y dimension.

If one dimension is over 50 m (160 feet), there is no requirement for the other dimension. Also the area of the landmark has no impact on whether it will display on the client app.


Gas Station

Toll booth



Train station

Bus Station / Bus Terminal

Sea Port

Parking Lot

The US guidance on the Parking Lot landmark has been rewritten as global guidance on the Parking Lot Area Place. The new guidance incorporates all critical elements of the original text and adds much necessary detail. To prevent confusion the original text has been removed from this page.




Subway station

Ferry lane

See the article on Ferries for information on how to add a ferry route.

Car Rental




Museum / Visitor Center / Monument

Mall/Shopping Center

Convenience Store / Kiosk

Restaurant / Bar / Coffee Shop

Stadium / Sports Facility

Hotel / Motel / Guest Room

Club/Concert Hall


Camp site / RV Park



Promenade / Boardwalk









Danger Zone


Religious Site


Office Building


Public Building

Tourist Site / Attraction




Public Service


Correction Facility / Prison

Military Site

Government / Municipal Building

Police Station

University / College / Academy

School / Kindergarten / Junior High / High School


Fire Department/Emergency Service

Post Office