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/* Railroads */

There has been new language added, after no objection was noted on the forum discussion. Formating of the warning regarding enabling turns is still disputed. See the wiki for details:

Railroad Post


To resolve conflicting wiki pages, I combined the old "How to label and name roads" and "Map Legend" pages to create this page. The old Map Legend page now just redirects here. "How to label and name roads", moved and condensed down to just Road names/USA --Karrows 05:56, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

/* Ramps */

This latest update of the Wiki USA placed Ramp for any type of road. It does not seem right, what do you think?

- With Ramps TTS speech "Exit" instead of "Turn" or "Hold" and it seems that he speaks more in advance.

- Ramps is the class of Highways and looking at the code it has greater weight than all the roads are not Highways.

- On the map, livemap/app, the Ramps are to design/color of Highways.

- Legend In the picture shows that Ramps are only for Highways.

/* Dirt Roads */

I currently have concerns with how dirt roads are handled in the client. Being from a rural area, our roads are 90% dirt or gravel, with only about 10% being paved.

1. I think it is a good idea to mark roads as dirt, to avoid rough rides. Dirt roads really tear up your car over time. The good thing is that the user can set how much they want to use dirt roads.

2. I don't think it's a good idea that dirt roads don't show their names in the client.

3. Dirt roads should probably be split off from trails. Trails don't necessarily need their name shown on the map, while dirt roads should. Dirt roads are fundamentally different to trails in rural areas, which are used for recreation or perhaps maintenance use, while dirt roads are used primarily by the public for transportation.

A clear best practice guideline would be helpful going forward.

Raid requested for the San Diego and North County areas of San Diego, California for rural areas, trails, etc.

Full request for MapRaid! focusing on the San Diego and North County areas of San Diego to get offroad drivers marking trails and dirt roads traveled. I'm a HUGE camping, hiking, 4x offroading fanatic and it would be AMAZING to have the trails named as well as mapped, show local camp areas, washes, trail heads, destination spots for those no-fear-drivers romping the unbeaten paths of California's San Diego areas.

Other drivable roads

should say penalty is applied as you transition off of a private/parking lot road

It already does under the Parking Lot Road and Private Road Sections ;) - TYTHESLY (talk) 03:54, 23 October 2015 (UTC)