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The South Atlantic region includes:

Kentucky / North Carolina / South Carolina / Tennessee

Each of these pages may have slightly different map guidance recommendations from the others in this region and other regions, so be sure to review the specific editing guidelines from that page before editing in South Atlantic.

The current primary Regional Coordinator is listed as xanderb (PM [Help])   for this region. This region also has the following Assistant Regional Coordinator listed; whathappened15 (PM [Help])  .

If you have questions about this region or page, go to the forum for this region.

Chain Harmonization Sheet

The name spellings in the following sheet have been standardized for chains or franchises so that Wazers will receive consistent results when searching in the client. Please use them when you edit one of these chain or franchise businesses. Websites and descriptions have also been included for many of them. If you have any thoughts on a effective and short description for a location please let us know.
  • Missing Chains
If you don't find the business you're looking for, please use this form to submit the missing information and PM whathappened15 and replace "Place" with the one you added.

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