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  • The camera direction (the direction from the center of the image to the red circle) defines the driving direction for the camera. The current camera image implies that the camera captures the traffic from behind. Don't be fooled.
  • The client app warns about a speed camera if it is valid, points in the same direction as the road segment, and the driver is exceeding the limit set on the camera.
  • The client app warns about a red light camera if it is valid and points in the same direction as the road segment.
  • The "30" on the speed cam icon is just part of the image and is not an indication of the actual speed to which the speed camera is set.
  • The last person to edit the speed cam or red light cam is basically locking it to his rank. A user with a lower rank will not be able to change or delete the camera, unless he is the owner of the camera or if it's in his area of management.

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