User:Fredo-p/Map Raid Editing Rights History

Gaining and Maintaining Editing Rights

When you sign up for a map raid, you also sign up to receive editing rights for the raid location. However, the exact size and location of the area you will be given depends on a number of factors. Check the local raid wiki's page to find out what group you will be in and what area you are to edit.

When you receive editing rights to the raid area, do not edit until the start of the raid. Messages will be sent out to all participating editors to not edit before the start of the raid or you will have a temporary ban placed and possibly have your editing rights to the raid removed.

Editing rights will remain in place for an extended period of time once the raid is complete. Please refer to the locations raid wiki page for the completion date. Some editors will be asked if they wish to keep the area they were given. If you have not been asked, but wish to keep your editing rights for that raid location, contact the Regional Coordinator RC in the US or Local Champ.