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Area and Point places for Interchanges, Exits and Junctions are NOT used in Wisconsin for normal mapping. The exceptions are only for large construction projects and micro-places for special notes to editors about the location.

When dealing with a construction project, place an area over the entire zone, but stay as close to the road boundaries as possible. Name the area the interchange name and append Construction Zone (or the official project name if there is one). Example: Zoo Interchange Construction Zone. In the description, put as much info about the project as you can including relevant websites or wiki pages. Lock the place at 3 (or contact your Area Manager or State Manager to uplock for you)

Micro-areas are to be created as small as possible so as to not be visible on the client app. They should not be moved or deleted without contacting the user that created it, or the State Manager. These places will contain information specific to that junction or interchange that all editors need to be aware of before making any changes to that location.

See Wisconsin/Places for guidance in Wisconsin that may not be universal to all other states and territories.