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Red Lobster

Sisk Rd, 3000, Modesto, United States
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HerMajestyQueenMarcia martin
2 weeks ago
We went there for all you can eat shrimp . They have removed the pasta shrimp from the mix but the other choices were great. I like the scampi best but we had coconut fried shrimp and the other fried choices too and really loved them the salad could have more like egg or maybe a more expensive upgrade like a wedge with fruit,nuts , bacon bits. Even so it was yummy. The biscuits are famously tasty.. always buttery, hit, tender, and as many as you need. I like to drink a Shirley temple sweet soda too.... Sprite or 7up with grenadine... what a great dinner. Oh yes.. we had a slice of berry topped cheesecake as a birthday treat. Man that was good. We thought we were full, but we couldn't stop eating that cheesecake we had planned on taking home. Red lobster was fun 25 years ago, and it's still a fine night out for us. A family tradition.. enjoy!