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105 E Trinity Pl, Decatur, Georgia, United States
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Gari Clifford
2 months ago
Masking is random by both employees and customers. The line of cars wraps around the building twice, with every monster truck idling away, and mask-liberated employees poke their head into your car to ask you what you want. Come for the fatty chicken, fries, and public health lesson. Update: masking seems to have improved since I posted this, although it may just be random based on which employees are in that day. Adding two stars. I do want to add that the employees are all polite and efficient, and the chicken strip are indeed tasty. You know the health benefits already, so I'm not judging this. Also ... order online (to avoid the app) and click "I'm here" when you are parking or almost there. It's instant hot deep-fried joy. Why sit in snaky 20-minute queue burning gasoline? There's thousands of kids wandering to and from school just at the busiest times. Their developing lungs would appreciate the break.