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Sam's Club

2621 S Market St, Gilbert, Arizona, United States
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Chris Kinzy
8 months ago
Update: Now it seems they have reduced hours not, not related to Covid. Not great if your schedule has worked around them closing at 8:30, not 8. This is a review for the Tire and Battery Center. At the end of April I visited this Sam's Club's tire center to see about getting new tires which had to be ordered. They told me it would not be a problem and to come by at any time to order them. So the following weekend, the first one of May, I go to order. The sales associate said they'll be in next business day, which they were, and I could come in any time to install or make an appointment. I figured I'll just go in the next weekend and pay then as well as have them installed. That weekend ended up having to be pushed, so it was decided the next week we'll go, just when Sam's was running their one day sale which meant free install on tires. So we went in, paid, and asked about installing only to see it would be a while (no surprise since it's a sale day) and we decided to go back late afternoon during a weekday. Thinking ahead, we tried calling about 6 times to check on availability and each time no one answered from Tire and Battery. We were told to "leave a message" by Member Services. Fast forward to today, a Friday, and having finally made an appointment the very nice tire associate told me they're short staffed and might not get it done tonight. Two tire associates are working when Discount Tire has an army just across the parking lot. Time to hire more help, at the very least to answer phones. P.s. They were out of several drinks as well.