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10401 Research Blvd, Austin, Texas, United States
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Sean Ton
in the last week
There’s a gentlemen here who provides very poor customer service. He is very impatient and will give you an attitude. Moreover, forget about ever getting your flat tire fixed on the same day unless you have several hours to sit and wait. Appointments are usually booked out for 4-5 days, not very useful when you need a flat repair or a donut changed out. I went down the street to the discount tire instead and they provided amazing customer service. There are always plenty of staff there to help you, people actually smile, and service is same day and quick. I ended up needing a new tire and went ahead and ordered with discount tire instead of Costco despite paying $40 more. Although Costco is cheaper and their warranty is 5 years instead of 3 at discount tire, I figure what use would a warranty be at Costco if you could never get a same day appointment to fix an emergency flat or having to wait 4-5 days to get a tire changed. With the poor customer service provided at Costco tire, It was a no brainer for me to go with discount tires instead. This Costco tire location can do so much better, it is such a stark contrast from the Costco warehouse. So disappointed