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Hospital Bintulu

Jalan Nyabau, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
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a year ago
I came so far from Kuching to visit my mother. Just asked a question to the security at surgical ward, they answer me rudely. Is that how they were trained to talk to all of the visitors? It is good to be strict, that's how they should act but they need to know how to differentiate being strict and being rude. When people ask politely, just answer in a good way. I was just asking what time visitors can come. They answer me "There's no specific time for visitors, no visit time! If no means no! No visit! Cannot visit!" The heck man?! Ruin my day la that kind of attitude. 🙄 The worst security team ever in the gov hospital. The security teams in Miri and Kuching hospital are better than here.