About us

We knew there was a way to make traffic suck less

An overhead shot of a curved road through a desert. Two speech bubbles featuring a man and a woman's, come from the loan spec of a car.

In 2009, we created a crowd-sourced navigation app that would make it easier to circumvent literal and figurative bumps in the road. How? By working together.

Overhead shot of cars about on a freeway going under and underpass

140+ million Wazers later

We’re still doing just that. Our community of map editors, beta testers, translators, partners, and users help make each drive better. Potholes? Parades? Need directions? Need a ride? We’re all in this together.

Maps were meant to be redrawn

Don’t tell Mercator, but a static map could never tell us what to expect, because we don’t know what the road has in store on a particular day until we’re on it. So, we update and reroute and pick each other up and listen to some good tunes – or the Terminator – and suddenly getting from Point A to Point B was easier than ever.

Helping drivers helped us do more

We partner with cities, transportation authorities, broadcasters, businesses, and first responders to ensure our community-driven data helps as many people as possible, saving valuable minutes and even lives each and every day

Waze blog

The road is where most of us do our best thinking. The Waze blog is where we share ours.

Planning for traffic is easier than dealing with it