Improving Tunnel Navigation In Cities Around The World

The Waze Beacons Program is the first scalable, affordable solution to power seamless navigation underground.

The Waze Beacons Program empowers partners, such as municipalities and tunnel owners, to:

Enable uninterrupted location services underground ensuring drivers never miss an in-tunnel exit
Providing seamless navigation to drivers underground where GPS signal is not possible.
Improve driver routing and safety
Better visibility and traffic flow into, through and out of tunnels means safer road conditions for all. Free and open technology means all GPS providers can incorporate the Waze Beacons solution, serving Wazers and non-Waze drivers alike.
Get operating quickly
Powered by Eddystone, upon simple installation the solution works across all beacon hardware with the assistance of Waze Beacon configuration.

Get Started!

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  2. Get approval for partner participation
  3. Install Waze Beacons in-tunnel


What are Waze Beacons?
Cost-effective, battery-operated, low-energy microcontroller hardware installed on tunnel walls. Powered by Eddystone beacon technology, Waze Beacons have Waze-specific configurations to transmit messages directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, used as an alternative to GPS signal. Waze beacons are FCC and CE approved.
Who can join the Waze Beacons program?
The Waze Beacons Program is open to Waze Connected Citizens Program partners, other municipalities, and private tollway and road organizations worldwide.
Are Beacons only compatible with Waze navigation?
No, other navigation services can also use the program technology free of charge, leveraging beacons installed by Waze and empowering driver tunnel navigation with the same Bluetooth support.
How much does the program cost?
Waze Beacons cost $28.50/beacon. Approximately 42 beacons per mile of tunnel are required.
This sounds great! How do I get more information?
Simply apply and a Waze representative will contact you. In the meantime, please see our Setup Guidelines for detailed information.