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Traffic View

One tool for all your traffic needs

Traffic View is a dynamic, real-time monitoring dashboard showing a complete overview of traffic in your area, 24/7.

A quick visual snapshot of traffic conditions.
Unusual Traffic
A live feed of Unusual Traffic automatically alerting to locations where unusual traffic is building up - including; cause, duration & alternate route options.
A Route Watchlist providing ETA information for a customized list of routes and faster alternate ones.

Pay it forward to see your audience grow

Encourage your audience to send reports; you can mention their usernames on air. The more drivers using Waze in your area, the more exciting and accurate your traffic reports will be.

Interact with Waze on air

Broadcast live from your iPad
Keep up with the latest updates, and give your viewers a shout out!
Big screen optimized layout
Project your iPad onto the big screen and accompany your traffic news with powerful visuals on the map

100% free!

Help spread the word and get drivers involved!

Get Waze for Broadcasters


Why is Waze Traffic View 100% free?
Waze is a community-driven app and we see partnering with broadcasters as an important step for growing our global community. While we provide real-time traffic info in one easy-to-use tool, we ask that broadcasters mention Waze on air and help spread the word!
What do I need to do to use Waze for my traffic reports?
To use Waze on-air complete these three simple steps:
  1. Sign a partner agreement between Waze and your organization.
  2. Set up the Waze Traffic View – we’ll help you with that!
  3. Credit Waze on-air.
How much time does it take to set up the tool?
Once the partner agreement is signed, we’ll help you set up your broadcasting tool and in a week you’ll be up and running.
Why should I use Waze for my traffic report?
Using Waze Traffic View provides you with real-time traffic information directly from the source: drivers themselves. Our tool offers broadcasters solutions to quickly and effectively analyze traffic in their area. These include ongoing alerts, unusual traffic, travel times, and best alternate routes.
Can broadcasters build their own traffic community?
Absolutely! Broadcasters can create their own team of traffic spotters using the Waze app.
Does Waze do in app branding for broadcasters?
Yes we do. You can create a branded team on the Waze app to represent your station. Users can join your team to report on traffic, and in turn you can thank them on air. In addition, reports sent by users on your team include your station’s logo.
Does Waze use road sensors and traffic cameras?
No, Waze relies on verified and real-time information provided by the Waze community. Apart from alerts, which are actively reported, users passively contribute information about traffic and road conditions, including driving speeds and travel times, whenever the app is open.
Do I need certain hardware to use Waze Traffic View?
To use Waze for Broadcasters, all you need is a simple PC or Tablet. However, to broadcast Waze live on television, you will require an iPad and an Apple TV.
Is there a white label version available?
No, Waze Traffic View is not offered as a white label product as our service is 100% free. In return, we ask broadcasters to credit Waze on air and help grow the community.
Can broadcasters report traffic incidents on Waze?
Yes, we offer a special tool that lets broadcasters send reports to Waze. These reports appear on the Waze app, along with the broadcaster’s logo, to be seen by anyone in their traffic spotters’ team.