More shared rides = less stupid traffic

The math is simple. When you ride together, you help reduce traffic. You also cut back on gas costs and commute doldrums and even help save the planet. Basically, you’re a carpooling superhero.

Step 1

Plan your carpool time

Step 2

See who’s driving and ask to join

Step 3

Get your confirmation

Step 1

Set your route, time, and available seats

Step 2

Add or invite riders

Step 3

Start carpooling

Safe carpooling in COVID-19 times

In accordance with ACT Carpool guidance, we’ve worked to ensure Carpool drivers protect both passengers and themselves. As cities began to reopen, we wanted to make sure we continued to do our part to keep everyone safe.

Bringing donuts once a year isn’t enough

Be the employee of the year by helping your coworkers get to work in less time, and split the cost of gas.

Ready to ride

Currently available in Brazil and Israel.

Ready to drive

Tap the Carpool button on the bottom right of your Waze app, and fill those empty seats.