Waze Carpool

Your classic win-win situation.

With our Partner Program, your employees save time and money just by carpooling to work. You reduce costs for things like transit and parking. And did we mention it’s free? Well it is. Which is why there’s pretty much no good reason not to do it.

Why partner with Waze Carpool?


With a free web app and tailored marketing kit, our program not only helps your employees save money but keep your costs low.


Create closed Carpool groups to verify employees and offer incentives like discounted rides.

Trackable results

Access your group dashboard to see how much your team carpooled and offset Co2 emissions in your area.

Download the app and give it a try.

Waze Carpool matches your employees based on their route. Riders get a fast, low-cost commute while drivers get gas money. Payment happens through the app, so nobody has to worry about cash. Everyone wins.

Currently available in Brazil and Israel.

Obviously we’re biased about how great Waze Carpool is. Don’t take our word for it though, take theirs.

“We saved $50,000."

Deborah Jones, SANDAG

"Students can get to campus without adding to the congestion.”

Ferris Kawar, Santa Monica College

“Waze made it effortless."

Stephanie Huynh, Catalent

Safe carpooling in COVID-19 times

In accordance with ACT Carpool guidance, we’ve worked to ensure Carpool drivers protect both passengers and themselves. As cities began to reopen, we wanted to make sure we continued to do our part to keep everyone safe.

Ready to carpool with us?

Sign up for Waze Carpool to do your employees a favor at the same time you’re doing yourself one.