Waze Communities

Helping each other at every turn

The magic of Waze has always been the people behind the technology — locals who report road closures, redraw roads, and find ways to make driving better for everyone. Meet (and join!) Waze communities.

Circular image of different people. Next to each is a different icon. The icons are a caution sign. Two cars in an accident. Three cars stuck in traffic.

Map editors have the power to improve local roads, making sure the Waze map is accurate and up-to-date.

A man and a women wearing lanyards.

Beta testers try the newest Waze features, giving us feedback on what works (and doesn’t) before they launch to the public.

Localizers make sure nothing is lost in translation, helping adapt Waze features and voices in over 50 languages.

Two mean wearing lanyards facing the camera
A wet road in a city at dusk

The Crisis Response program supports drivers during crisis events, such as natural disasters, with helpful information to keep them informed and safe.

Our partners coordinate with government officials, broadcasters, businesses, and beyond to not only better Waze, but the communities we serve.

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