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Only Waze offers a free traffic management program enabling real-time road closures, full communication with local drivers and up-to-the-minute detours to get drivers to your event more quickly, safely and happy.

Outsmarting event-related traffic, together

Use Waze technology and outreach to improve traffic flow during your event
Utilize Waze tools for real-time closure management
Monitor traffic conditions near your event with Waze Live Map
Help Waze users find the fastest route around traffic and closures related to your event
Get a customized event website and branded Waze inbox message with live road closures
Get shareable links with driving directions to event locations

Give your fans peace of mind

Join a community of event organizers from around the world to inform millions of Wazers about what’s happening on the roads in their cities.

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Atlanta, Detroit, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico City, Santiago, Washington D.C., Moscow and more!

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