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3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, California, United States of America
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Dawn Weiss
in the last week
Poor customer service. Accepted an exchange I had then essentially stole the sale from the original person I purchased it from at my home store, because instead of just doing a straight exchange for the exact same item in a larger size, they refunded it put it on a gift card and then repurchased it from their own store. In addition, they did almost nothing to help me find what I needed. I asked for the larger size and they didn't have it in stock. I had to look around the store to find the identical shoe and ask for another color in the size that I needed before they figured out that that's what they could give me. Because they didn't really want the exchange in the first place until they can figure out that they can steal the sale from the original person. The store is always in disarray. Things are poorly laid out, people who work there are not pleasant, selection is not on par with other locations. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that I was looking for specifically, I knew the size and which shoe I wanted. They have it online and the person told me I could just check online for them and buy them there. Amazing. You would think if they were so hungry for the sale they would take 2 seconds and look it up online and order it for me. It was a $700 shoe!! I have had to shop here before and it is always a terrible experience. It is also very unsafe. There are security guards walking around the store and the parking is questionable in terms of safety. Every single person who works in the store right now is pretty much on their cell phone ignoring everyone shopping.