WAZE para Cidades

Trabalhando juntos para um futuro mais inteligente e sustentável

Over a thousand cities and other public sector partners are already working with Waze to gain better data and insights; reduce driving alone with Waze Carpool; and to make their communities safer with Waze's Beacons and Crisis programs. Find out more about what Waze has to offer and how your organisation can join this incredible network.

Dados do Waze nas cidades

Ajudando as cidades a gerir o trânsito para milhões de condutores em tempo real e tomar melhores decisões de infraestruturas

Cities use Waze’s data to inform mobility projects and policies, from congestion pricing to event-specific traffic control, as well as share their own information about street closures or construction directly with their citizens on a daily basis. Partners can choose to access this data via Google Cloud.

Waze Carpool

Helping neighbors and coworkers

commute better by riding together

A true peer-to-peer carpooling service, Carpool helps residents get to and from work, filling in gaps in the transit network. Scalable, affordable, and ready to use today, cities that adopt Waze Carpool benefit from fewer cars on the road. Drivers save money on gas while riders get access to more transportation options.

Beacons do Waze

Permitindo navegação sem interrupções aos condutores no subsolo, onde ons sinais GPS não chegam

The Waze Beacons Program ensures location services, increased driver safety, and better visibility into traffic flow in and out of tunnels. Waze Beacons are open sourced so any GPS navigation provider can take advantage of their technology.

Comunicações em tempo real sobre crises

Ajudando as cidades a espalhar a palavra rapidamente em tempos de crise

From road closures to emergency service locations and shelters, Waze is here to help citizens. During winter storm Stella, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey partnered with Waze to alert drivers to road changes by adding hazards that align with variable messaging signs.

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